About Me

Emerging as one of the biggest up-and-comers in the world of editorial hair, Jen Beckerman currently leads the way at the prestigious Luxelab in Santa Monica, CA as the Creative Director of Styling. It is there that you can find her coiffing the manes of Hollywood's finest, while transforming her clients to look and feel like Hollywood’s finest.

An east-coaster at heart, Jen draws colorful inspiration from her vibrant, theatrical background in New York City, as well as her spirited love for architecture and visual arts. Her work clearly pulls from the energetic forces that have nurtured her outlook and adds a unique, artistic quality to each style she produces.

"It's rare to find the perfect combination of a fabulous stylist and wonderful conversationalist. Someone who, after the first appointment, you're hooked. Jen not only improves your 'do' but she also shares the 'don'ts' of maintaining my style."

Jen Beckerman’s attention to detail is only surpassed by her rich, deep passion. With hair as her medium, she is an artist that continues to make invigorating waves in the world of hair and beauty.